Capitol Connection

Capitol Connection 

There is no denying the battle that rages over the fate of this great nation. America has been a lighthouse of truth and justice around the world. From these shores missionaries have set sail to the most distant of lands bearing Godís message of hope, love, and salvation. This influence will fade away if Christians do not continue to carry the Light of Godís Word to Americaís citizens and its leaders.

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The PDF pamphlet explains the Capitol Connection 2013 project for Independent Baptist pastors across America. The call goes out for watchmen on the Hill. Will you be the influence needed to the leaders of our nation? The future of America is waiting for your godly influence. Will you take the challenge and get connected with Capitol Hill?

Who will stand in the gap and carry the truth of Godís Word to those who have not heard? As a single spark starting a blaze; one local, Independent Baptist pastor can make a difference. As you connect with your community one door at a time, in the same manner you can also connect with your government representatives one office at a time.

Your political leaders, whatever their background, are men and women in need of a Savior and spiritual guidance. They are individuals who have personal and professional needs; they are sheep in need of a Shepherd. The difference between the individuals on Capitol Hill and the individuals in your community is a connection. Connection is the key to influence. Making a connection with your senators and representatives will allow you to help them, pray for them, and influence their hearts and minds for the Lord.

The goal of Awake America and the Capitol Connection 2013 project is to create an on-going connection between local pastors and their political leaders. They will know they have watchmen on Capitol Hill caring personally for them and lifting them up through daily prayer, and carrying concerns back to the churches. You will become a resource for future contact.

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